How Long Can You Go Without an Oil Change?

How Long Can You Go Without an Oil Change?

Busy vehicle owners who are always on the go, tend to wonder how long can you go without an oil change as they cannot imagine their day without their automobiles. However, it is the oil change that behaves as a recharge or a new life for your vehicles and if you want them to work in good condition for a long time, you must not deny them that. Below listed are many more unknown facts about the importance of oil change for your auto motives.

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change?

No matter which vehicle you own – a two-wheeler, three-wheelers or four wheelers; when the keys are handed over to you, the sales executive at the showroom hands you an instruction manual.  This book has recorded information about how often you must get the oil change done. It will be dependent on two criteria either the number of kilometres used or the number of months that have passed. For example, it may say 500 Kilometers or 3 months since purchase or previous service. Many advance vehicles, with digital displays, often have a symbol pop up to the driver/ rider, signifying that the oil change is due. If not, you can always read the manual. If you have recently purchased a second-hand vehicle, remember to ask the previous owner about how long can you go without an oil change.

Factors That Determine When to get the Oil Change

The main factors which determine the frequency of the oil change are the type of vehicle, the distance you travel on a regular basis and the age of the vehicle. The type of vehicle matters as different models and different manufacturers recommend various patterns for an oil change. If you use the vehicle for long distances very often then you need to change the oil much often as the engine stress will also be higher than a vehicle used for short distance compliance. Coming to the age of the vehicle, the older the vehicle, the more frequently you need to get the maintenance an oil change done.

Effects of Not Getting an Oil Change

If the oil is missing, it can cause dirt and heat to enter the metal parts of the engine and cause severe damage to them. Oil quality and contents of the oil also matter as this is the key reason for either excess oil burning or building up of sludge. To be extra sure, you can ask your car manufacturer the most suitable oil for your automobile.

Many people when asked how long can you go without an oil change? Said that they never thought of it because they think it was not necessary. Yes, many people do not know the effects of not getting an oil change done. If you are one of them then you should know that by not getting a simple oil change for your vehicle, you are forcing yourself to spend much more in the future.

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