Exercise to Remove Double Chin

Exercise to Remove Double Chin

Chubby Cheeks, Dimpled Chin! Oh! So Cute. Well, not when you are way past your childhood. You don’t want to look ‘cute’. What you need is a sharp, defined jawline. How can you get rid of chubbiness other than going for cosmetic surgery? You can opt for “double chin removal non-surgical”. Double chin is the term given to the extra fat that accumulates around our jawline which makes us look chubby or fat, depending on its magnitude.

Given below is a list of simple exercises, which when done regularly, along with maintaining healthy eating habits can get rid of your double chin:

Warm Up

Like any exercise, the first step is to warm up your facial muscles. Move your lower jaw backwards and forwards followed by left and right. Perform 8-10 sets ensuring that you do not feel a jerk.

Exercise 1

With your mouth open, cover your lower teeth with your lower lip and make a scooping motion with your lower jaw. Lift your head and close your mouth as you do this in order to feel a stretch. Keeping the corners of your mouth relaxed is very important. Perform 5-7 sets.

Exercise 2

Stick out your tongue in an attempt to reach your nose, while keeping your lips relaxed. Repeat 5 times. This exercise helps to strengthen the Hyoid muscles.

Exercise 3

Turning your head to the left and pull your lower jaw forward, repeat the same on the right side as well. It is important that you feel the strain as you perform this exercise in order to avail its full benefit. Repeat 5 times

Exercise 4

This exercise seems rather funny as you are required to attempt to kiss the sky, as high as you can reach upwards. Look up while bringing your lower jaw forward and make a kissing pose. Hold the pose for about 5-8 seconds and release. Repeat 5 times

Exercise 5

Fist up your hands and place them under your chin. Slowly press the lower jaw on to your chin, gradually increasing pressure. Strain your chin muscles while fighting the resistance from your hands. As the resistance peaks, hold the position for 3 seconds. Relax. Repeat 5-7 times.

Exercise 6

Close your mouth and clench your teeth, while stretching your lips as wide as you can. While in this position, push your tongue against the top of your mouth. You should feel a tension. Hold this tension for 5 seconds. Relax for 3 seconds and repeat 5-8 times.

Exercise 7

Fill your mouth with air by inhaling. Let your cheeks puff up. Press your cheeks with your palm enough to feel tension in your muscles. Hold the position for 3-5 seconds, release and relax. Repeat 5 times\

Performing these exercises on a regular basis will help you lose the excess fat around your neck and chin and give you that chiselled look that is worth dying-for. These exercises are simple and can be performed anywhere, anytime. This procedure ensures the removal of double chin without the need for any surgery or medical process

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